Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food Fight with Hugo Chavez

Looks like we are in for a food fight....

Soldiers told to stop handing out food -

Hugo Chavez has accused the USA of creating the earthquake in Haiti....

Apparently in reaction to his criticism the US military has stopped handing out food to Haitian refugees. The military is allowed to dispense water but that makes one think this is a change without a difference. If one wants to hide the military presence, handing out water on a daily basis does not accomplish this goal. Why not hand out food as well?

Chinook Diplomacy

I was reading a report on Pakistan ("Chinook Diplomacy") and they love the sound of that "thump thump" of the Chinook helicopter. (Listen to audio of Chinook.) During that terrible earthquake in Northern Pakistan (October 8, 2005) the only way aid could reach them through the snow-bound passes was via US military helicopter. That sound meant help was coming and that help was coming from the US Military. Now in almost any context that "thump-thump" sound brings a smile.

Context is everything. Military helping out in a disaster is welcome by all. Why are we acting as if we are ashamed of something?

(A hat tip to Robert for pointing out the USA Today article to me.)

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