Friday, November 12, 2010

Germany passes unpopular health system reforms

Germany passes unpopular health system reforms

The German Chancellor Merkel has certainly taken some unpopular positions lately but generally Germany has acted like adults. They see a problem and (eventually) act correctly. They are making the hard decisions while places like Greece are slouching along.... like an unemployed brother camping out on the couch, popping cans of brew and eating all your food. The Germans know they must make the hard choices. They have already realized that the whole "integration" thing is not working. (See article here.) It took a long time but they realize it. I find it frightening because even though I agree that the problem is a lack of integration I'm not sure what they will say is the solution... if you know what I mean. If it means to change their educational programs to emphasize integration then great! I would support that. If they are suggesting sending back unemployed immigrants to their home countries, that makes a lot of sense when there are few jobs to be had, but history makes me nervous. We will see where this goes.

Right now, getting their medical system finances under control is a worthy goal. Allowing those to afford it to continue making their own arrangements is great. When the Titanic is going down, there is no sense in the people already in the lifeboats to jump into the water just to make everyone feel even. It is better to leave those folks already in the lifeboats alone and try to figure out how to pull more people into the lifeboats without swamping the boat.

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