Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bastrop County on Fire

Copyright 2011 Deanna Roy, http://diannaroy.com

You can see here Austin the the foreground and the Bastrop fire in the background. My son studies climetology in college and he tells me that the weather sats can see the fire. That's how bad it is. This picture is from Deanna Roy's site.

At this point (2:46 PM, Tuesday, 2011-Sep-06) the Steiner Ranch fire is 45 percent contained. It is the closest large fire to us and it is a little scary. There is no chance it will come closer to us, but all around us in dry brush and prarie land. It can easily catch fire. A couple of miles away someone set a fire. They caught the guy and put out the fire but it was scary for awhile. it wouldn't take much for a wildfire to catch around here. It is so dry.

Alex Shrugged.

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