Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupying the Middle


I was confronted with someone on a forum who suggested that Mexicans in California believe that California is occupied Mexico.

I answer that there have always been a few who believed that California belonged to Mexico. I first heard of this in the 1970's and I've been hearing this tripe every since. It is promoted by a few knuckleheaded socialist/Marxist Mexican American citizens. This is the old Che Guevara crowd. Even the Mexican community find them odd and difficult. What is happening is that socialist/Marxists are wrapping their ideology in Mexican pride and romantic nostalgia for "the old country".

The Irish American citizens did the same thing hoisting a cold one for the revolutionaries in Ireland. The Irish are clannish you know. They stick together and they have infiltrated the FBI! The Irish have even forced us to celebrate their religious holidays! (St. Patrick's Day) The one thing they are NOT doing is they are not trying to wrap up nostalgia and romantic idealization for Ireland with socialism/Marxism. Thank G-d!

The Mexican American citizen community is burdened with socialist/Marxists the same as the all the countries south of us are. Thus you will see organizations in the Mexican American citizen community that reflect this socialism/Marxism. My advice is to NOT to mistake the nostalgia for a romantic Mexico as a desire to overturn the American government. That is what Marxists do and most Mexican American citizens are not Marxists.

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