Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spoiled Adults, Spoiled Elderly, Merciless Children

Herman Cain has proposed a 9-9-9 plan to fix the economy. I'm not going to addressed the possibility of that every seeing the light of day, but a lot of seniors are worried that such a plan would strain their already limited income.

Let me address my fellow Social Security recipients.

I am living on Social Security and disability insurance. Anything the politicians do to fix the problem will be a difficult burden on all of us simply because we didn't fix the problem when it could have been fixed (when we were young). We had our chance. Now we are at the mercy of the young and we are old enough to know how the young can be. Some are noble but once they realize that the only choice they are given is everything for us and nothing for them, they are going to rebel and you and I will get nothing at all... and they will be morally justified because you and I had our chance to fix it and we failed.

Now it is beyond fixing and it's their turn. The politicians simply don't want to tell you that because if they actually told you the truth you (and many like you) will get angry and vote them out of office. So this 9-9-9 plan is more fair. It spreads out the pain more evenly but you can't expect to experience no pain at all.

Most people on Social Security use up everything they put into it in about 4 years or so. After that we are "on the dole". We are depending on the charity of others. If those others can no longer pay in, it seems wrong to take out a loan simply to give us money when there is no prospect of paying back the loan.

So my advice to the retired senior is to calculate how much you put into the Social Security system while you were working and how much you've taken out so far. If you have already used it all up then measure your gratitude by how much you have received in this gift and mind those who must continue to pay until you die with no prospect of any retirement for themselves.

There are letters from the elderly that still exist. Nazi Germany had a retirement plan for the Aryan elderly. But with hyper inflation in Germany the government could no longer write the check. Letters when out to children from parents pleading to be taken back. "I can still work on the farm!" It did not good. Their adult children could barely feed themselves. And so the Nazis put to death the elderly. Their own. And the children let them.

That seems to be the plan. Obama says we've been living too high on the hog. "Take a pill!" So he wants us to take a pill instead of that hip surgery or replacing that painful joint deterioration with an artificial knee. He wants us to end our our lives in a morphine-induced haze with our children telling us that its all for the best.
It's not the best but maybe we deserve it. We failed them.

Vote however you'd like but whatever happens I guarantee you won't like it and you won't be able to do anything about it because they are going to take it out of our hide one way or the other. We can't escape it. They are already extracting a tax in inflation as our fixed income stays fixed but what we can buy with it shrinks and shrinks.

If it's all the same to you I'd rather face the problem like an adult rather than hide under the bed. Politicians (now long dead) made promises. They lied. We can dig up their graves and hang the liars from a lamppost but it doesn't solve the problem they created and we knew about long before. Will our children hang us from a lamppost? It is a real possibility.

The Brown Shirts have arrived and there is no mercy in their eyes.

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