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History: The Year is 1424

I've uploaded year 1424 to the TSP Wiki... 

Here are a few one-liners...

Black Death: "The Finger of God"  -- The Plague kills John "the Blind" Ziska, the man who invented mobile warfare.  His last wish will be to have his skin be made into a drum so that he can continue to lead his troops.

A King's Ransom -- King James the 1st of Scotland has been held hostage in England for all these years and is finally ransomed. He will eventually kill the man who ransomed him.

Black Death: "The Finger of God"

The Plague is ever present. It will hit one place or another and move on. The Plague has come to Bohemia and struck down John "the Blind" Ziska. He has been leading the Hussites in a war against the Emperor who is trying to eliminate the Hussite heresy. John had been kicking the backside of trained Imperial forces with his mobile warfare strategy and war wagons that can be described as wooden tanks. His troops will carry on. They will call themselves "the Orphans" because they feel as if they have lost a father. John Ziska will continue to lead his troops in battle, though. His dying wish is to have his skin made into a drum head. [1]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Some of John Ziska's enemies say that he was struck down by "the finger of God". This is a biblical reference to the finger of God that punished the Egyptians with 10 plagues until he let the Hebrews go. Apparently John's enemies thought of him as Pharaoh. He certainly was a powerful man even after he was blinded in battle.[2]

A King's Ransom

King James the 1st of Scotland was captured by pirates in 1406 and handed over to King Henry the 4th of England, now dead, and treated like a guest by King Henry the 5th... also dead. King Henry the 6th is sucking his thumb so the nobility is making deals. King James' position at English court improved when he fought alongside Henry the 5th against the French and Scots in the 100 Years' War. Naturally the Scots view their English-loving king with sour faces. Murdoch Stewart, the Duke of Albany, is pressured to ransom the king back for 40,000 pounds along with hostages to guarantee payment. Part of this money will go toward the dowry of James' new wife, Joan Beaufort (grandchild of John of Gaunt). The marriage is political though it is also romantic. King James will sit uneasy on his throne. He has been gone for 18 years, and his cousins have their eye on the throne. [3] [4] [5] [6]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Why was the King of Scotland roaming on the sea while pirates were about? King James was in danger of his cousins taking the throne by violence so it seemed safer to move the King to France. He set sail and was picked up by pirates. Now that King James is back he will purge the nobility of competitors including the Duke of Albany who reluctantly negotiated his release. James will be an ineffective ruler and die in a coup attempt but Joan will survive her wounds and act as regent for their 6 year-old son, King James the 2nd.

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Year 1424, Wikipedia.

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