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History: The Year is 1428

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Here are some one liners...

Crop Failure, Crop Success and Food Storage -- Those who failed to implement new methods of farming often failed. I also talk about food storage in the modern day.

Microsoft and the Siege of Orléans -- The 100 Years' War will turn on who wins this battle. Only God can save France now. I also mention the Microsoft video game Age of Empires.

Crop Failure, Crop Success and Food Storage

The impact of the Black Death on labor shortages was delayed for a generation because, frankly, when you have fewer people to feed, you need fewer farmers but now the manor system of farming is running right on the knife's edge. Those farms willing to innovate stand a better chance at survival. Farms clinging to the old farming methods are rolling the dice. With shorter growing seasons and the Little Ice Age upon them, it is change or die for farmers. By using fertilization, radical crop rotations, a change in crops (like planting peas, for example), using horses that are less susceptible to disease to plow the fields, farms stand a better chance at survival. And for everyone, food preservation is becoming a vital part of that survival. That is why the Venetians are getting rich on salt... the major food preservative of the day. People need it badly and they are willing to pay. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
The old methods of farming are producing low yields. When there is not enough extra grain in the granary to tide you over, a farm can fall prey to any disaster such as flood, bad weather or Welsh terrorists setting fire to your fields. Stuff happens. This is why, in the modern day, learning food storage methods is so important. Even if you have someone to blame like "Welsh terrorists" or an unfair boss who fires you on Christmas Eve, your family still has to eat. Having food on hand gives you a cushion so that you can make sensible choices rather than panic moves. Thinking of "going postal" is a lie you tell yourself because you just weren't prepared. You never know what's coming but you can guess about a few of the obvious things. You can start with food storage. [5]

Microsoft and the Siege of Orléans

Orléans sits at a strategic point blocking the incursion of the English into Central France. Taking it out is the next logical step given the terrain. Apparently the siege is not absolute since supply wagons can get in and out but with a civil war going on at the same time, its getting tough to rally the troops. John, the Bastard of Orleans, is doing his best to hold the line. He even manages to kill the English commander but it's not going to be enough. Only God can save them now. [6] [7] [8] [9]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
God will drop the dime on Joan of Arc next year.[10] John, the Bastard of Orléans, is a popular figure in literature and at Microsoft. He is the illegitimate son of Duke Louis the 1st of Orléans. The Duke was murdered with an axe through the head on the streets of Paris. It was his murder by John the Fearless that sparked the French civil war. In years to come the Bastard of Orléans will become a semi-fictional character in literature, plays and as a gunner for Joan of Arc in the Microsoft video game, "Age of Empires."

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