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History: The Year is 1636

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Here are some one liners...

The Founding of the National Guard -- Three Regiments are formed by order or the Massachusetts Bay colony to counter the threat of an Indian attack. This is considered the founding of the US National Guard.

The Founding of Providence, Rhode Island -- Roger Williams is kicked out by just about everyone and starts a settlement called Providence, Rhode Island. I also talk about the Coptic Christians and the New March on Birmingham.

The Founding of Everything Else! -- It's a list. Harvard University, Manchu Dynasty, 1st synagogue in the New World, etc.

The Founding of the National Guard

By order of the Massachusetts General Court in Salem, all able-boded men with the exception of ministers and judges shall form into regiments. These men shall be of age 16 to 60 and the regiments shall be three... the North, South and East Regiments. They shall be called upon in need for the defense of the colony. By this order, the United States National Guard marks its beginnings. The actual term "National Guard" won't be used until 1824 when Lafayette (yes, THAT Lafayette) will be formally welcomed to New York City by the 2nd Battalion of the 11th New York Artillery (later to be known as the 7th Regiment). They will use the name "National Guard" to honor Lafayette, the commander of the National Guard of Paris. The name will stick. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
OK. What was going on with the colonists of Massachusetts that they felt compelled to mobilize almost everyone? Obviously they felt threatened... a lot. They knew about the Jamestown Massacre and there had been a number of murders. Captain John Oldham was found dead and dismembered. Captain John Stone was murdered and then a trader named Joseph Tilly was flayed alive by the Pequots. There were more. I have read contradictory accounts but it is reasonable to place the blame for most of these murders at the feet of the Pequot tribe. It was 1636. It was dark. It was dangerous, and the colonists had to protect themselves. With ministers talking about "agents of the anti-Christ" and fears of an attack, the Regiments were formed. By the next year they were at war with the Pequots. It turned very ugly and thus began a long fight between Indians and Englishmen that continued until the early 20th century when the Apache finally laid down their arms. [5] [6] [7]

The Founding of Providence, Rhode Island

Roger Williams is a preacher but he hasn't been a good fit for the Massachusetts Bay colony. He's a little too strict. He doesn't fit in with the Separatist Pilgrims either. (Separatists think that the Puritans are too easy going.) Roger Williams believes in religious tolerance and the separation of Church and State. He thinks it is wrong to take Indian lands and he finds slavery abhorrent although he can live with a defensive war against the Indians. He is causing discord in the religious community and he refuses to change his ways so he is cast out. Unfortunately, when he is cast out he is also ill so they grant him a temporary reprieve until he is well. Then he is sent beyond the borders of their jurisdiction. He finds a place with good farm land and calls it Providence... in gratitude for God's mercy. It's not a city yet, but Roger Williams is not the only one who doesn't fit in well with the Massachusetts Bay colony. Roger is going to have a lot of company. [8] [9] [10] [11]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
In my reading of Roger Williams I was heartened to learn that he saved an Indian boy from slavery. The Massachusetts Bay colonists had formed several Regiments to fight the Pequot Indian tribe and in the war they took many prisoners. They sold the males into slavery or killed them, but Roger Williams took the responsibility to raise one Pequot Indian boy. In the modern day people are being murdered or enslaved by ISIS. The Coptic Christians need sanctuary, yet the USA refuses to offer them asylum. This infuriates me. In the days of FDR the Jews were turned away when they sought asylum in America. We all said, "Never again!" It would seem that the Coptic Christians are the new Jews. More than 20,000 people marched in Birmingham, Alabama on August 28th, 2015, shouting, "Never again is now!" It had better be soon. [12]

The Founding of Everything Else!

* The 1st Synagogue of the New World is founded in Brazil: Congregation Rock of Israel. It is now a museum. [13]
* Harvard University gets its start as New College. The name will change after the donation of a library by John Harvard. [14]
* The Manchu Dynasty in China is established after a successful revolution of farmers against the Ming Dynasty. [15]
* Dedham, Massachusetts is founded. In 1643 they will establish the first tax-supported public school. [16]
* Oxford University Press is licensed to print The King James Bible after the Adulterer's Bible scandal. [17]
* Henry Adams arrives in Massachusetts. President John Adams was a 6th generation descendant of Henry Adams. [18]

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