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History: The Year is 1742

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Using Math to Shoot People... into Space -- Gunnery is now a science... and so is shooting people into space. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do it, either!

Good Cooking is Just a Matter of Altitude -- The boiling point of water varies according to atmospheric pressure... in other words, your ALTITUDE. I talk about adjustments needed for pressure canning foods.

A Lynching Is Headed Our Way -- William Lynch is born. Some believe that the word "lynching" comes from his name. I point out a number of recent controversies regarding the word "lynch"... all of them ridiculous.

Using Math to Shoot People... into Space

Galileo and Newton realized that air drag is a factor in determining where a cannon shot will land, but until now there was no way to accurately determine how much powder is needed, the proper shape of a cannon shot, length of the cannon or even why a rifled gun is more accurate than a smooth bore. Now a small book entitled New Principles of Gunnery provides the needed formulas. Benjamin Robins uses a pendulum-like device to determine the velocity of cannon balls and he uses an early wind-tunnel to measure air drag. He mounts various shapes at the end of a stick attached to an axle and spun as a weight falls. (This is NOT a propeller.) Even though a ball may present the same surface area to the wind as a cube of the same size, they each have radically different measurable drag. With these measurements and many others, Newton's formulas are adjusted to take drag into account. Now they can kill more people using less ammunition. It's more efficient that way. (Gack!) [1] [2] [3]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Speaking of air drag, the winner of the X Prize for launching a man into space was won by the airplane designer, Burt Ru­tan (ruh-TAN). He didn't see a need for fancy (and expensive) wind tunnels. He had someone drive his pickup truck very fast while he held various models of SpaceShipOne out the window. He also realized that a reentry did not require a heat shield. He designed a changeable wing that could have one wing profile going up and another for coming down. Thus, he could go straight up very fast (3 gravities), and come down slowly enough to call it flying rather than falling. Currently, SpaceX Corporation and Orbital ATK are running the resupply missions to the International Space Station and there is more to come. It's working. [4] [5] [6]
"A lot of people want to fly in space, and they think that our government is working to make it, hopefully in their lifetimes, cheap enough for them to fly in space when indeed they're not. Unless guys like me go out and do this, it will not get done... period." -- Burt Rutan. [7] [8]

Good Cooking is Just a Matter of Altitude

Anders Celsius has been experimenting with water under various atmospheric pressures. He takes melting snow and measures the mercury level within a glass tube. He also measures the barometric pressure. He notices that the melting point of water is virtually the same regardless of atmospheric pressure. He measures boiling water, but the boiling point changes depending on the atmospheric pressure (read as, changes in altitude). He also notices that when the thermometer is withdrawn from boiling water, the mercury rises. He figures that this is due to the glass cooling faster than the mercury and thus squeezing the mercury up the tube for a moment. To solve the altitude problem, he suggests using a certain, fixed barometric pressure to standardize the boiling point of water and then submits his findings to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. [9] [10]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
SPELLCHECK ALERT! In researching this segment I noticed an article that explained that the boiling temperature depended on the LATITUDE! My goodness. The people living in Canada had better adjust their cooking recipes. Eh? Actually, ALTITUDE is the issue when boiling or pressure canning foods. Thus, people living in Denver must take this into account. Most pressure cookers come with instructions for the adjustments needed to use their product at higher ALTITUDES. Some folks may need to depend on a pressure gauge reading rather than listening for the "jiggle" of the weighted control. [11]

A Lynching Is Headed Our Way

William Lynch is born this year in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Captain Lynch will draw up a contract with his neighbors after the American Revolution. With the countryside still in chaos, local law enforcement and the judiciary will not be able to keep up with crime so civic-minded Captain Lynch will step forward to solve the problem. He will skip all that messy legal stuff and go right to the punishment. Historians are not clear whether anyone was actually put to death under Lynch, but certainly many people were punished. It is also not clear whether Captain Lynch was the only "lyncher". There is also Judge Charles Lynch of Virginia at the same time who is often credited with the word "lynching". He was born in 1736 so right now he is a cute little 6-year-old, toddling around Virginia. [12] [13] [14]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
First: a recent protest went up regarding the Lynch Memorial Building. The students at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania freaked out when they suddenly realized that a building that has been standing since the Great Depression has the name "Lynch" on the front of it. They are willing to let the name stay if the college will put the donor's full name on the building, Clyde Alvin Lynch, who just about saved the college from extinction in very tough times. Second: during the Baltimore riots, Gene Ryan called the rioters a "lynch mob". Apparently this is not allowed since only white people are capable of lynching. And finally: the Attorney General of the United States of America, (I can hear the Star Spangled Banner playing right now) is Loretta Lynch, a black woman. (He drops the mic and walks off stage.) [15] [16] [17] [18]

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