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History: The Year is 1745

I've uploaded year 1745 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Oliver Ellsworth, the Forgotten Founding Father -- The man who led the design of the US federal government, has dropped out of memory, except JFK's memory.

The First Capacitor and the Electric Car -- The Leyden Jar is invented. I talk about capacitors and its use in electric cars.

And a Lot of Important Births -- Benjamin Rush, John Jay and the founder of the 1st school for the blind.

Oliver Ellsworth, the Forgotten Founding Father

One might think that the 3rd Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court would not be worth remembering, but in fact, he is critically important to the design of the US government. Oliver Ellsworth is born this year in Windsor, Connecticut. He will attend Yale, be admitted to the bar and his accomplishments will be several. He will be one of the representatives at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. More importantly, he will be one the prime designers of the federal government, splitting the Congress into a House representing the population, and a Senate representing the states. He will also design the federal court system. President George Washington will nominate him as Chief Justice, a job which he will later leave to help out John Adams in France. John Adams will ask for his help in peace and trade negotiations with France. (France and the USA will not always get along.) Ellsworth will resign his position on the Supreme Court, and negotiate with Napoleon. They will get along famously, and he will set up the conditions that will bring about the Louisiana Purchase. [1]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
John F. Kennedy wrote the article on Oliver Ellsworth for Encyclopedia Britannica, so he must have thought the man was important to history. That is why I took a second look at him. He was a Federalist, which means he believed in a strong central government, but such governments depends upon a thoughtful, selfless leadership that is trusted by the vast majority of citizens to protect them. Once Thomas Jefferson started his Democratic-Republican Party, Ellsworth realized that the US Government, as envisioned by the Federalists, would ultimately fail. (Which it did after the War of 1812.) After Ellsworth completed his negotiations with Napoleon, he submitted his resignation, and retired quietly to his farm in Connecticut. He was confident that God would set things right in His own time if not in Ellsworth's time. I'm every bit as confident, but it hasn't happened yet. [2] [3]

The First Capacitor and the Electric Car

The first reasonable method for storing static electricity is invented this year by two people in independent efforts: A bishop from Germany and a Dutch scientist from Leyden. Thus the name of this storage device for electricity is called the Leyden Jar. (In the modern day we call it a capacitor.) It consists of a glass jar or bottle with the interior coated with metal and the exterior coated with metal with no direct connection between the two. What looks like an electrode is attached to the inner coating and acts as a collector of static electricity. The charge remains trapped until the inner and outer connections meet. Then the energy is released. It can produce a humdinger of a shock and in the modern day, some capacitor discharges can be deadly. [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Capacitors consist of two conductors separated by an insulator. It can be used to store electricity somewhat like a battery. The difference is that a capacitor will charge very quickly and release its charge very quickly, unlike a battery which would suffer damage if used in such a manner. Capacitors can be used in an electric car where energy can be collected quickly as you are braking for the red light and then released as the light turns green. That sort of quick storage and release cannot be accomplished with an ordinary battery. So... wouldn't it be better if we could charge our electric car in a couple of minutes with a capacitor rather than the hours it takes with a battery? Why aren't capacitors used to run the whole electric car? Probably because any capacitor that could store enough energy to push an electric car all by itself is also large enough to blow you to smithereens if it shorts out internally. Supercapacitors are somewhat different in design from a normal capacitor, so science may one day find a full answer to the question of capacitors vs batteries. I hear a lot of promises, but I haven't seen a fully realized consumer product yet. [5] [6] [7]

And a Lot of Important Births

  • Benjamin Rush, U.S. physician and the advocate for asylums for the mentally ill. (Asylum in those days meant "refuge".) [8]
  • Valintin Haüy (how-Wee) will establish the 1st School for the Blind. Louis Braille will attend and build upon the tactile reading system developed by Haüy (how-Wee). [9] [10]
  • John Jay, author of five of the Federalist Papers . He will also become 1st Chief Justice of the United States [8]

This Year in Wikipedia

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