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History: The Year is 1834

I've uploaded year 1834 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Damn the Yankees! The Farren Riots of New York -- An angry remark by a British subject sparks a race riot but it probably would have occurred anyway.

Welcome to the German Union! -- A few German city-states establish a free trade zone to challenge the economic power of England. This Union will grow and become the model for trade unions to come.

Faraday Discovers the Law of Electrolysis -- I give a couple of examples and talk about what the average homeowner and boat-owner should know about it.

In Other News -- Parliament is burning, the American electric motor, and Whistler's mother.

Damn the Yankees! The Farren Riots of New York

George Farren is the stage manager for a Bowery theater and a British subject. Exactly how he caused a race riot in New York seems improbable, but a series of vaguely related events has led to a firestorm. A local newspaper owned by the Tappan brothers has been agitating for the abolition of slavery. More than that, Arthur Tappan recently sat with a negro friend during church services. Rumors spread that Tappan had divorced his wife to marry a black woman and that black men are prancing around town, all gussied up and looking for white wives. There are more serious rumors that gangs of black men are preparing to set fire to the city. This is coupled with a recent wave of Irish immigrants with their own fears and prejudices. The July 4th celebration of the New York emancipation of the slaves is rescheduled to July 7th after a misunderstanding leads to a fight between whites and blacks. Then George Farren fires an actor favored by the pro-slavery movement. After getting grief, he remarks, "Damn the Yankees; they are a damn set of jackasses and fit to be gulled." It all comes apart after that. George manages to save his own skin by bringing out an actor who entertains the crowd with a demeaning song about black people sung to the tune of "The turkey in the straw". (Don't make me repeat the title.) The riots go on for 4 days. The police are overwhelmed. The church of an abolitionist preacher is burned to the ground. It is an ugly business and we have not seen the last of it. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
NOTE: Being anti-abolitionist did not make a person automatically pro-slavery. Many were looking for a legal transition away from slavery that didn't involve a war. Others simply didn't want to be forced to sit with black people in church. This attitude squares with what was happening in Europe in regard to the Jews. Europeans agreed, in theory, that the Jews should be freed from the ghettos, but it was a rare European who wanted their daughter to marry a Jew, and it wasn't only due to religious differences. At the same time, immigration from Germany and Ireland to North America really kicked into gear, disrupting the political equation in the United States. (One need not be a citizen to riot, and politicians worried about Irish riots in 1834.) [8] FYI, In 2016 stating one's race grants authority to one's opinion. Why exactly one's skin color grants special insight is beyond my comprehension, but if so, I qualify as having infallible insight since I am a Mexican-American (born in East LA), I am an Orthodox Jew, and my granddaughter is as black as President Obama... and as Jewish as the Chief Rabbi of Israel. She told me that if some white woman can call herself black then she can call herself white. To her mind, skin color conveys no special authority... nor should it.

Welcome to the German Union!

The German Customs Union is a free trade zone between several German city-states. It is like the European Union without that self-absorbed, officious, piece of ... uh... I mean it has the EU benefits without the EU central government. The negotiations began after the fall of Napoleon who had created the German Confederation. They had returned to the protective trade barriers which increased the costs of goods. With the rise of England as an economic power, the European states had to band together to compete. The German Customs Union is one solution. Austria is not part of the Customs Union since the Prince of Austria prefers more strict control. (Actually, he hates the whole Free Trade idea.) Over the next few decades the Union will expand to include more German provinces and several non-German states such as Sweden-Norway. Then many of the German states will consolidate politically into the Northern German Confederation and after that, the German Empire. The economic relationships will take twists and turns, break apart for a year and reform again stronger than ever. The Union will eventually be replaced by the Wiemar Republic in 1919 and we all know how well that is going to go. [9] [10] [11]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
The break down of economic barriers eventually led to a breakdown of political barriers where there was a common language. Language can act as a political bonding agent at times. That is why England remains so close to the United States even though the British cannot pronounce the word, "aluminum" (al-LOO-min-um). Nevertheless, we muddle through. The analysis on free trade I've read suggests that the German Customs Union is now used as the model for such unions since it was documented over a long enough time for step-by-step analysis of the process. No doubt it was studied carefully before establishing the European Union. Apparently, it was not studied carefully enough. The EU offered the benefits of free trade zones and easy travel. Unfortunately, free trade with some countries would mean the elimination of jobs in others, so the EU Constitution granted exceptions. The number of exceptions grew and grew until the EU citizens were voting on regulations regarding reindeer meat. Frankly, what does the average Spaniard know about reindeer meat, much less care? Soon it became less about free trade and more about forming the EU at any cost including giving over an individual's freedom to an unaccountable federal government. [12]

Faraday Discovers the Law of Electrolysis

What is electrolysis? Certain chemical reactions will occur with a slight electrical charge flowing through a solution. The electrical charge allows certain materials to move from one place to another at the molecular level. Thus one can use electrolysis to place a fine coating of metal onto another. This is called electroplating. I am oversimplifying. Just know that your average lead-acid battery works using electrolysis as it discharges and recharges. Lead-acid batteries can produce a little hydrogen if not properly charged, but not a lot. I can imagine OTHER electrolysis applications that could produce large amounts of hydrogen. A word to the wise is sufficient. I hope everyone out there is wise enough to use caution. [13] [14] [15]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
OK. Why should anyone care? Because electrolysis can occur at home within your plumbing pipes. If you have both galvanized pipe and copper pipe as part of your installation, any electrical flow such as grounding your electrical grid to the nearest metal pipe, could start that process. Small holes in the pipe will develop over time. Remember... I am not an expert in SOLVING such problems. I simply know that electrolysis CAN BE a problem. I am told that an "insulating dielectric union" can be used. It is a connector with a rubber insulator that acts as a barrier to electrical flow. Of course, that kills your ground connection, so grab a piece of reinforcement bar and pound it into the ground. Connect your electrical ground to that. Done. On a boat, any metal exposed to water and a weak electric charge, could damage your boat over time... like say... your propellers. It doesn't take a lot of electrolysis to damage them and it doesn't have to be coming from YOUR boat. It could be any boat in the marina. I am told that boat owners use a zinc anode as a preventative measure. In theory, any electrolysis going on will chew up the zinc first. It is part of normal boat maintenance to check one's zinc anodes. Again, I'm not an expert. I simply know that it can be a problem. Good luck. [16] [17]

In Other News

  • Parliament is burning! The furnace normally used for coal is filled with wood. The flames start a fire in the flue and most of Westminster Palace goes up in flames. The few building left will be incorporated into the modern Westminster Palace that exists today. [9]
  • The American electric motor is built. Thomas Davenport takes apart an electromagnet, improves the wiring using silk FROM HIS WIFE'S WEDDING DRESS! What a gal! Emily Davenport's name will be included on the patent for the DC electric motor. (It is a real motor, folks.) [18]
  • Whistler's mother gives birth to Whistler. Whistler will return the compliment, painting the famous portrait of Anna Whistler... Whistler's Mother in 1871. [19]

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