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History: The Year is 1899

I've uploaded year 1899 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Education as a Means for Social Change -- John Dewey begins publication of a series of books that will define the educational system of the USA into the modern day.

The Philippine-American War and a Silent Shame -- The USA is gathering up Islands. I talk about the growing western bigotry and Planned Parenthood.

Notable Births -- Humphrey Bogart, Alfred Hitchcock and Friedrich Hayek.

In Other News -- Aspirin, Nippon Electric Company (NEC) and the Nome Gold Rush.

Education as a Means for Social Change

It may seem insignificant at first. A book on educational theory is published by John Dewey this year entitled "The School and Society", but his books will present a unified theme that will guide our educational system into the modern day. Dewey builds on the original goals of Horace Mann to bring education to the masses in order to promote social efficiency, civic virtue, and to build character. These are worthy goals, but Mann never really defined what a civic virtue was. Dewey believes that socialism is a progressive virtue that all good parents of a sensible and wise nature would wish for their children. Since an efficient democracy requires that the best virtues should be taught in schools, naturally whatever lessons the lesser parents might want taught to their children is irrelevant. The smart, educated professionals will choose the proper curriculum on their behalf. It is all for the best. (Can you say "Common Core?" I knew that you could.) [1] [2]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Horace Mann may have laid the foundation for the US educational system, but John Dewey built the liberal schoolhouse on top of it. I don't like Dewey, but I don't want to dump all over him either. He was a sincere man. He lived during a time when socialism was viewed as a scientific social experiment. It looked good on paper, but no one had given it a real try. Now, after all the years of failure and the murder of millions, it is a wonder that anyone would be willing to give it another go. Socialism is not another name for Facebook or Twitter. True socialism means the Nazis, Stalin, Mao, and that little guy who is still running North Korea. He likes basketball, so apparently, that made it OK when he sentenced Kenneth Bae to 15 years hard labor for attempting to overthrow the government. Bae is a Christian missionary, and the Bible is obviously a subversive document to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Bae fell ill and was released in November of 2014. [3] [2]

The Philippine-American War and a Silent Shame

The Filipinos have been in rebellion against the Spanish occupation for several years now, but then a misunderstanding occurs when the rebel leader in exile is talking to Admiral George Dewey (no relation to John Dewey, the educator). The Admiral seems to be encouraging him to return to Manila and lead his troops to victory. One might also think that the United States was offering support for the rebels against Spain. This misunderstanding leads to further misunderstandings which leads naturally to the invasion of Manila after the United States had already signed a peace agreement with Spain! It is a little embarrassing, but it could happen to any country... except that the US annexed Hawaii last year, and had long since taken control of the Midway Atoll under the authority of the Guano Act. (No joke.) Wake Island was just sitting there! And then there was the Spanish-American War, and the aforementioned peace agreement in which Spain handed over Puerto Rico and Guam. Now the USA is invading the Philippines to protect it, you see. Greedy Europeans might take advantage of the poor Filipinos after the withdrawal of Spain. (I wish I were kidding. They actually thought this.) Granted, there could have been a misunderstanding somewhere, and frankly, the Europeans might very well have invaded if the USA had not. Nevertheless, the final decision to invade the Philippines is just what it looks like, the US annexation of the Philippines. This is war and the Filipinos are really torqued off. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
This all sounds awful because it is. If you have been following the history segments you have noticed a gradual change in the attitude of Europeans and the USA beginning with the partitioning of the African continent. (You can't leave all those diamonds laying around. Some poor native might trip!) There was a growing sense of the superiority of the white race (if such a thing exists) that went beyond bigotry. It was considered science. It was also eugenics which means "well-born" or "good breeding". I doubt that the Black-Lives-Matter protestors of today are aware of such attitudes in the closing days of the 19th century, but they probably suspect that something has been covered up, because it has. Hitler's murder of millions for the sake of eugenics caused the advocates to go silent. The original role of Margaret Sanger's "Planned Parenthood" was to keep down the number of black babies born. She didn't want black people breeding because then the country would have a much larger population of black people, and what would we be then? Honest. We would be honest, Margaret. And we would figure it out from there. [2]

Notable Births

  • Humphrey Bogart (Film actor and husband of Lauren Bacall) You DOG! [9]
  • Alfred Hitchcock (Director of films like "The Birds" and "Psycho") [10]
  • Friedrich Hayek (Author of "The Road to Serfdom") [11]

In Other News

  • Bayer markets aspirin. If they had invented this drug today it would STILL be waiting for FDA approval. [2]
  • Nippon Electric Company (NEC) markets telephones. It is the first joint venture between a Japanese and American company. NEC will start building computers in 1980. [2]
  • The Nome Gold Rush begins. With the Klondike gold rush winding down, there are gold nuggets in Nome, Alaska that you can scoop off the beach. [2]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1899, Wikipedia.

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