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History: The Year is 1905

I've uploaded year 1905 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Albert Einstein's 'Miracle Year' -- He submits several major papers but I focus on the issues that still touch us today.

Bloody Sunday and the Rise of Socialism -- It is the start of a conflict with the Tsar that will end in 1917 with his death and communism taking over.

Notable Births -- Donald Trump's father, Ayan Rand, Pat Brown.

In Other News -- Las Vegas is founded, Mata Hari dances, the 60-hour work week is unconstitutional. (It's too short!)

Albert Einstein's 'Miracle Year'

Albert Einstein's theories this year will make possible GPS devices, night vision goggles, and the atomic bomb. These inventions won't be realized this year, but the theories behind these inventions are presented in what will be called Einstein's Miracle Year. He points out that light is made up of photons and when they hit metal, an electric charge is produced. Someone will realize that infrared photons can produce such a photoelectric effect and the resulting electric charge can be projected onto your night goggles. Next, Einstein's equation: E=Mc2 (E equals M C squared) means that matter can be turned into energy. According to the movie "Back to the Future" you can throw your garbage into your "Mr. Fusion" and generate enough energy to power your time machine, but that won't happen until 2015. (I think I missed it.) During World War 2, Einstein will suggest that a chain reaction of heavy elements can release a frightening amount of energy from matter. Thus, the Manhattan Project will be born. And finally, the theory of relativity will help in the use of a GPS device. A GPS device measures signal bounce between satellites to within 20 or 30 nano-seconds. However, relativity informs us that we experience time at different rates relative to each other, and depending on how fast we are traveling. (When you fly in a jet you can measure the time difference with an atomic clock, so it's real.) It is enough of a difference that it interferes with GPS time measurement. Relativity explains the problem whereas classical theories do not. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
FYI, Einstein made a BIG MISTAKE. His equations suggested that the universe is expanding, so he added a "cosmological constant" to keep the universe static. A few years later, Edwin Hubble proved it was expanding. Also, as quantum mechanics changed from a mathematical trick into something describing the real universe, Einstein struggled with fellow physicists over how insane the universe was looking like. For example: most people believe that the universe is deterministic, meaning that when you hit a ball, the ball moves. That is cause-and-effect. Unfortunately, at times the universe is non-deterministic. A good example of a non-deterministic universe is the movie, "Arrival" 2016 starring Amy Adams. BEGIN SPOILER ALERT! In a first contact with aliens from space a language specialist is told that the aliens will visit Earth in 3,000 years... which is in the future... isn't it? So how could they know? END SPOILER ALERT! Einstein was great with the public and when children would knock on his door, he would answer their questions graciously. However, he seemed to live best when he lived alone. He would forget to wear socks. [5]

Bloody Sunday and the Rise of Socialism

A lot of people died on that Sunday. Estimates on the body count vary: 132 is the official death count, but many people were stabbed or trampled. Call it 1,000 dead or wounded total. It starts when Father Gapon leads his followers to the Winter Palace at St. Petersburg, Russia to present a petition of grievances to Tsar Nicolas the 2nd. (He's not home.) A general strike has shut down the city. Normally, the workers would organize a petition and submit it to the petitions office or directly to the Tsar. Father Gapon notifies the Palace that they are coming. No threats. So why did the workers think the Tsar would care about their problems? The Tsar's grandfather had freed the serfs, and they see the current Tsar as their champion. When the ex-serfs took jobs in the city, they found the work gueling. Father Gapon formed an organization called The Assembly that informs employers of problems in the workplace and negotiates solutions. No violence is expected, but a series of assassination attempts have made the Imperial Guard jumpy. Frankly, the Guard seems of two minds, sometimes helping the protestors as they head for the public square, other times chopping them down with sabers. Chaos reigns. Now Father Gapon must leave Russia. [6] [7] [8]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Most historians view Bloody Sunday as the beginning of the Russian Revolution culminating in the 1917 Revolution and communism. The workers had lost faith in the Tsar after Bloody Sunday even though he wasn't in the Palace, and didn't give the order. The 1905 Revolution resulted in a Russian Constitution, but the Tsar didn't like the restrictions on his power. The conflict worsened. Eventually the Tsar and all his family were murdered as the communists came to power. The Soviet Union was born in a bloodbath that makes Bloody Sunday look like a textbook example of crowd control. [9]

Notable Births

  • Donald Trump's father. (Real estate developer Fred Trump is born in Queens to German immigrants.) [9]
  • Ayan Rand (The author of "Atlas Shrugged" is born in Saint Petersburg.) [10]
  • Pat Brown (Governor of California and father of Jerry Brown, governor of California.) [11] [12]

In Other News

  • Las Vegas is founded. The 110 acres purchased this year will become the downtown area. [13]
  • Mata Hari dances her way to fame. Apparently, "fame" does not require much clothing. In 12 more years she will be shot for spying for Germany. [14]
  • SCOTUS finds the 60-hour work week to be unconstitutional. Laws limiting the work week to 60 hours violate the right of "freedom of contract". [15]

This Year in Wikipedia

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