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History: The Year is 1504

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Here are some one liners...

The War for Naples Ends and Modern Warfare Begins -- France surrenders a major strategic city and agrees to give up Naples and Sicily to Spain. This ends the Italian War and begins modern warfare.

Mad Queen Joanna and Modern Spain -- Queen Isabella dies and her daughter, Joanna, takes the Crown of Castile. Once her father, the King of Aragon, dies, she will join the crowns of Aragon and Castile into modern day Spain. Is she really mad? Maybe. Her husband has been driving her crazy!

Christopher Columbus Brings Back the Sun! -- Stranded on Jamaica, Columbus uses the prediction of an eclipse to convince the local Indian tribe to help him repair his ship.

The War for Naples Ends and Modern Warfare Begins

Last year in Italy the Spaniards spanked the French forces with their quicker cavalry and better use of small arms. With that defeat, France has surrendered the ancient city of Gaeta. Years of fighting between France and Spain is over. The Treaty of Lyons seals the deal. King Louis the 12th of France will retain control of northern Italy and Spain will control Naples in the south, including Sicily under King Ferdinand the 2nd of Aragon (the husband of Queen Isabella of Castile). Gaeta was strategically significant. The whole reason for this war was to give King Charles the Affable of France a base of operations to begin his Crusade. King Louis had lesser goals. In the modern day NATO will maintain a base at Gaeta. [1] [2]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
The significance of this war is that it forced a complete reorganization of the Spanish military in terms of hierarchy, discipline and military tactics. Gone is the chivalry of the old order. This will have significance for the New World as Spain makes in roads into Mexico and confronts the Aztecs. Spain's growing military dominance will push other European countries to improve their tactics. The West has begun its evolution into modern warfare.[3]

Mad Queen Joanna and Modern Spain

Queen Isabella the 1st of Castile has been in declining health and has died at the age of 53. The Crown of Castile goes to her daughter, Joanna. Mad Queen Joanna is already married to Philip the Handsome who is 28 at this time, a year older than she. He will be crowned king in 1506 and drop dead the same year. Historians believe he died of typhoid fever but Mad Queen Joanna will believe he was poisoned. For a time she will refuse to bury him and she will be deemed too insane to reign in Castile. Apparently she won't be too insane to reign in Aragon and Naples. The point is that because she was the daughter of both the ruler of Castile and the ruler of Aragon, Mad Queen Joanna will be queen of the largest portion of what is modern day Spain once her father passes away.[4] [5] [6]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Was Queen Joanna really mad? Maybe. Her husband was driving her crazy!  Philip the Handsome had an ugly soul. He cheated on her, which was not unusual, but he also tormented her, locked her up and I suspect he spread rumors of her unstable mental state. Considering how he was treating her, perhaps she had cracked, but she seemed a little unstable anyway. The evidence is that she held back burying her worthless husband. We can all speculate on why. Insanity does not disqualify one from ruling... at least not all the time. During bouts of insanity, a ruler could appoint a regent to run things. Mad King Charles of France ruled France with a regent and King Henry the 6th of England had a regent as well.

Christopher Columbus Brings Back the Sun!

Last year a storm stranded Christopher Columbus at St. Ann's Bay on Jamaica. He and his crew must make repairs using whatever resources they can find and they will need the native Taino [TAY-no] tribe to help. Unfortunately, they know Columbus too well but Columbus knows that an eclipse of the sun is coming. He uses this knowledge to convince the Taino [TAY-no] to help him. In 1540, Jamaica will be given over to the estate of the Columbus family but they will neglect it. [7] [8]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Imagine what it was like in those days when your ship is torn to pieces and you have only yourself to depend upon and a few raw resources. How can you effect repairs under such primitive circumstances? First of all... remember that these ships are not very big. They are about the size of the Columbia ride around Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland. That ride is a full-scale replica of the American ship Columbia that circumnavigated the world. No kidding. So... if you have lost a mast during a storm, you are going to need block and tackle which they have aboard any ship, lots of rope, a suitably straight tree and a many men with strong backs. For a reasonably short but detailed description of this very process, read the Horatio Hornblower novel, "Beat to Quarters" by C. S. Forester. You will also learn more about naval tactics in the age of the mast than you can imagine. It's a great read.[9] [10] [11]

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