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History: The Year is 1509

I've uploaded year 1509 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

The First "Wearable" Technology: the "Nuremberg Egg" Watch -- There is dispute over who invented the first pocket watch but it is reasonable to assume it was the locksmith, Peter Henlein while he was living in a Nuremberg monastery. I go on to talk about the so-called promise of wearable technology which has been wearing on me lately.

Henry the 8th Takes the Throne by Storm -- People love him but it's like moths to a flame. Or maybe it is like some other flying insect. The stuff is really going to hit the fan this time.

The First "Wearable" Technology: the "Nuremberg Egg" Watch

The exact date is fuzzy for the invention of the pocket watch, and several people want to claim its invention but it was PROBABLY Peter Henlein... a young locksmith taking refuge from the law in a Nuremberg monastery a few years ago. He has a lot of time on his hands, so to speak, so he creates a better clock. Clocks of this time are delicate devices that require a sturdy base but Peter creates a more durable mechanism inside of an intense-burner that was used to protect one's self from the Plague. (If the incense is smokey enough it keeps people away from you so it probably helps.) His new table clock probably kept time for 14-16 hours and was accurate to within a half hour... a miracle! This year he has produced a wearable clock with only an hour hand. It's spring mechanism lasts for 40 hours on a winding. It has a spherical casing called a "Nuremberg egg". It is a work of art that is pinned to one's clothing or worn as a pendant. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Nowadays pocket watches are disappearing. Personally, I find a wrist watch uncomfortable and I've stopped carrying a pocket watch. Apparently the manufacturers can no longer produce one that actually tells the time more accurately than Peter Henlein's original watch. (I'm not kidding. The timekeeping is hideous.) Now I flip open my cell phone to see the time. The tech media has been crowing over the possibilities of wearable technology ever since the comic-strip hero, Dick Tracy, used a "2-Way Wrist Radio" in 1946. As of this writing, the Apple Watch is being released in 2015. It seems like an solution looking for a problem to solve. Time will tell. [5] [6]

Henry the 8th Takes the Throne by Storm

King Henry the 7th of England has died of tuberculosis at age 52. His son, King Henry the 8th, takes the throne. He is 17 years old. Shortly thereafter he has two of his father's ministers arrested and tried for treason and extortion. They are beheaded and the money they stole is returned to the people, thus, making King Henry a very popular man. He quickly marries Catherine of Aragon, a marriage that his father had forbidden. However, King Henry reports that his father changed his mind on his deathbed. (Yeah... funny thing those deathbed conversations. The dead are so talkative.) Sir Thomas More wrote of King Henry the 8th, "The King has a way of making every man feel that he is enjoying his special favour." Sir Thomas More will be singled out for the King's special attention. In the future he will be tried for treason and beheaded for opposing the Protestant Reformation. The feces is about to hit the rotating oscillator. [7] [8] [9]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Aside from that silly song from 1965, what people remember most about King Henry the 8th were his many wives that he had beheaded including Anne Boleyn. He also had an affair with her sister, Mary Boleyn. The King had taken a real liking to the Boleyn family. His first bodyguard was Sir Thomas Boleyn, the father of Anne and Mary. Later Sir Thomas will be appointed Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, but once his daughter is executed, he will lose that office and die miserable. Of course that may be better than what happened to his successor. The next Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal will end up with his head on a pike on London Bridge for saying that King Henry was impotent. Oddly, that was not on the list of crimes when the poor man was indicted. Later, King Henry would remark that the fellow was the most loyal man he ever had. With friends like the King, who needs enemies?[10]

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