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History: The Year is 1622

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Here are some one liners...

The Jamestown Massacre and the Sins of the Father -- An old lesson. The Indians attack the Jamestown plantations. I talk about what we can forgive and what we cannot.

The First Bottled Water: It's Holy Refreshing -- It is a spring in England. It's called a Holy Well. I talk about what might make water holy.

Notable Events This Year -- War, and the Three Musketeers.

The Jamestown Massacre and the Sins of the Father

Chief Powhatan passed away in 1618 leaving his brother to lead the tribe. The new chief has never liked the Jamestown settlers. The Virginia Company had been bleeding money for years, but with the new cash crop of tobacco they finally stand a chance of making money. The Jamestown settlers had made an earlier agreement with the Indians but there is a terrible misunderstanding. The Indians thought they had agreed to an English trading post and supporting town. The English thought they had agreed to expansion for their tobacco plantations. Now the Indians will push the English back in their place. In the early morning, Indian warriors walk casually through the plantations surrounding Jamestown. In many cases the settlers invite them in for breakfast. Unarmed, the Indians pick up whatever is handy as a weapon. The attack is swift, brutal and utterly merciless. Before the morning is over, more than 300 men, women and children lay dead, with many having no idea they were under attack before they breathed their last. The Powhatan tribe believes this attack is simple fair play. The English settlers believe otherwise, but they can do very little to return an attack. The majority of the survivors are women and children. [1] [2]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
In reading accounts of the Jamestown Massacre, I saw an attempt by some historians to forgive the Indians for this attack. I'm tired of the modern day need to fix blame or extract apologies from people who had nothing to do with some ancient misdeed. I allow that there was a misunderstanding before this massacre... but the misunderstanding was mostly on the part of the English. The Indians seemed to understand perfectly. Their land was being taken by the English. The English saw a chance to make the settlement pay off by planting tobacco on every open plot of land. A few of the settlers were concerned for the welfare of the Indians so in return for that small kindness, one family was warned by a concerned Indian before the attack. They warned Jamestown in turn, but the outlying areas never got a timely warning. The English took the attack as moral justification to appropriate the land. It was punishment for the atrocity, but right or wrong, it is beyond our power to forgive those misdeeds. The only people with that power (if they ever had such power) were the people who were injured. Those people are all dead, and we don't punish the son for the sins of his father. The son is having enough difficulty accounting for his own sins of today.

The First Bottled Water: It's Holy Refreshing

A local spring in the Malvern Hills has a reputation for purity. It is rumored to cure various illnesses. It is a Holy Well and people will travel long distances to drink from its waters. It has become so popular, the owner of the land is bottling the water and selling it. Malvern Water is the first bottled water. It will eventually be bought out by Johann Jacob Schweppe, who will use the Holy Well to produce Schweppes carbonated water. In later years, Schweppes will move their bottling facilities. The Malvern Spring remains a Holy Well and it comes with a perpetual legal covenant that allows travelers to use the spring. Some people will use the spring for (unauthorized) religious rituals and vandalism will become a problem in the modern day. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
A religious man once asked my wife the question, "How do you make holy water?" She admitted she had no idea. He replied, "You boil the Hell out of it." (You are now permitted to laugh.) It is never explained what makes Malvern Water holy. I don't want to dismiss the idea. God can act in whatever way He wants to act in His world, but if I wanted to produce a logical explanation for the power of holy water to heal, I would look for the opposite. Is there a way to become ill from seemingly no cause? Certainly there are people who can worry themselves into illness, so why can't they be reassured into wellness with holy water?

Notable Events This Year

  • New Year is Now January 1st - It used to be in March, right before Easter.
  • The English Parliament is Disbanded - King James is unhappy with his Parliament for expecting freedom of speech for the Parliament. [8]
  • Richelieu is made Cardinal - This is the same Cardinal who plays a prominent role in the fictional story of The Three Musketeers. [9]
  • War, War, and More War - There are sieges, skirmishes and outright battles in the 30 Year's War and 80 Years' War... more than I'd care to mention in detail.

This Year on Wikipedia

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