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History: The Year is 1759

I've uploaded year 1759 to the TSP Wiki...


Here are some one liners...

The Man Who Will End Slavery -- William Wilberforce is born. It will be his mission on Earth to end slavery in Great Britain. He will see it ended before his dies and the beginning of the end for slavery in Europe. The USA will lag a bit.

A Theory of Electricity and Magnetism -- A tutor in Russia comes up with some math to explain electricity and magnetism. So does a British fellow. I talk a little about Maxwell's Equations... very little.

Breaking News: Parents Now Love their Children! -- Now that kids are not dying so much, parents feel better about investing their emotion into them.

The Man Who Will End Slavery

Grandpa Wilberfoss changed the family name to Wilberforce, in part because he is a forceful man, but no one will be more forceful than his grandson, William, who is born this year in Hull, England. William Wilberforce will end slavery in England if it is the last thing he ever does and it will be almost the last thing he does. In the merchant circles his parents live in no one takes religion too seriously, but young William will briefly come under the influence of the Methodists. He will shake off that religious stuff, but after his father dies, William will run for Parliament and somewhere along the way he will find his soul again. For God's sake, he will end slavery and despite all the jeering and name-calling, by 1807 he will make the shipping of slaves illegal (though not slavery itself). The British Navy will send out patrols to interdict the Atlantic slave trade, freeing 150,000 African slaves. Finally in 1833, William Wilberforce will see slavery made illegal throughout the British Empire... and then he will die 3 days later. He will have set the stage for making slavery illegal throughout Europe and much later, in the United States of America. [1] [2] [3]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
FYI... the United States closed its ports to the slave trade in 1807, virtually simultaneous with Great Britain but President Lincoln didn't issue the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves until 1863. Look... there was a lot more going on during the early 1800s than simply passing a few laws to end slavery. There was an ongoing shift in the attitudes of the people. They almost certainly did NOT like black people any more than they liked the Jews, but they noticed that their lofty pronouncements of freedom did not match their actions, and they were ashamed. Shame can work for you, if properly applied to positive action. People seem unable to express it in words anymore but they want "One World. One People," and in the 1800s.... "One God." There is a Hebrew word for it... Haskalah (hahz-kah-lah) meaning "enlightenment". My son once asked me, "Dad. What is the Haskalah?" I replied, "You are living in it. How's it going?" He looked around and said, "OK, I guess." That's right. It's going OK. Not perfectly, but OK. Compared to the way it used to be, it is Heaven on Earth. [4] [5]

A Theory of Electricity and Magnetism

A very bright fellow named Franz is tutoring Catherine the Great's son, Paul. He has also made the first attempt at applying mathematical principles to the phenomenon of electricity and magnetism. He imagines electricity to be like a fluid but with very little mass. In essence he is describing electrons. Another fellow in England is working on the same problem, coming up with math to handle these same issues and coming up with the same results. And these two fellows don't know each other at all. Franz will publish first and thus get the credit for a good beginning. [2] [6]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
The other fellow's name was Henry Cavendish. His was a shy man, who liked to write but not publish. Thus many of the experiments he ran before anyone else were not credited to him as being first. For example: He discovered something he called "inflammable air," but someone else reproduced his experiment and named it hydrogen. I suppose that is a better name than "inflammable air." After he died, a fellow named Maxwell collected up all of Cavendish's papers and had them published. Maxwell became famous himself for Maxwell's Equations... the freakin' unified THEORY OF ELECTROMAGNETISM! This is how you get electromagnets, but it implies a lot more in terms of high energy physics and the space-time continuum. (Phasers on stun, Scotty!) [7] [8]

Breaking News: Parents Now Love their Children!

  • Parents of the 1750s are starting to love their children. Children are still dying left and right, but not in the numbers they used to. Thus many parents (notably Abigail Adams) are now investing more emotion into their children rather than a simple detachment, waiting to see who will live and who will die. Usually, a child that knows it is loved will have a different attitude toward the world than one that knows it is not. [9]

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