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History: The Year is 1521

I've uploaded year 1521 to the TSP Wiki...


Here are some one liners...

Aztecs: The Fall of Tenochtitlan -- Cortez returns to take down the Aztecs. Due to disease and multiple changes in leadership, they are easy pickings. Cortez will make the Aztec Emperor's daughter pregnant.

Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms -- Martin Luther is called to defend his 95 Theses. His speech is short and not too sweet. He then drops out of sight for a year.

Magellan Reaches the Known World and Dies -- Magellan is killed in the Philippines and out of the 265 men that began the journey, 18 men return to port next year.

Aztecs: The Fall of Tenochtitlan

The Aztecs have known from the first that Hernando Cortés and the Conquistadors are not gods. Inviting them into the city of Tenochtitlan (teh-nosh-TIT-lahn) was a ruse to size them up but Cortés took Emperor Montezuma hostage which angered the Aztecs. The Emperor died as the Conquistadors escaped the city. The Emperor was replaced by his younger brother but he died of small pox so he was replaced by a cousin, Emperor Descending Eagle. These rapid changes cause chaos in the chain of command. The Aztecs cannot work it out before Cortés returns with over 2,000 Conquistadors at his back. Tenochtitlan falls and Emperor Descending Eagle is captured. The Emperor makes Cortés promise to protect his family. Cortés will arrange a marriage between the Emperor's 12-year-old daughter, Isabel (a Christianized name), and a Conquistador. She is already a two-time widow and she will have several marriages before she becomes pregnant at the age of 17. Cortés will be the father. [1] [2] [3]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Warning: all reports on Cortés should be taken with a grain of salt. If you want to think of him as the biggest butthead on the planet, I won't try to dissuade you. He has some determined enemies including his own wife, Catalina. (It's a long story.) By next year she will be dead. It really smells but he will walk away unscathed. He will send several Aztecs back to Europe to expose the Old World to New World culture including the wonders of a rubber ball and a game that looks like a combination of soccer and basketball. Cortés will introduce cattle ranching to the Americas, and slavery to the North American continent. Had he focused on developing his lands, he might have done better with what he had but like Christopher Columbus, he will neglect his administrative duties to seek adventure.

Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms

Martin Luther is called to Worms to defend his 95 Theses. Pope Leo the 10th has already excommunicated him and issued an opinion that the 95 Theses contain 44 errors. Martin Luther shows up, and defies the Holy Roman Emperor by refusing to recant his alleged heresies. The speech he gives to the Diet is short and to the point. In summary: he is willing to set his own books to the flames if anyone, great or small, can demonstrate through the words of the New Testament or the Prophets where he is wrong. Usually such defiance is a guaranteed trip to the horizontal barbeque (burning at the stake), but Martin Luther has convinced some powerful princes and they manage to protect him for now. [4] [5]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
A link to Martin Luther's speech can be found below. The last time a prominent person had been called up to defend his alleged heresies was John Wycliffe who died of a heart attack in 1384 before he could make travel arrangements to Rome and Jan Hus who had been guaranteed safe passage, but was burned at the stake anyway in 1415. A terrible war ensued that lasted for years and ended more from exhaustion than anything else. Nothing really changed. The Church has kicked the can down the road one too many times. Martin Luther has put his foot down but make no mistake... the strongest man knows to step aside as a bull comes charging at him. Martin Luther will drop out of sight for a year.[6]

Magellan Reaches the Known World and Dies

Ferdinand Magellan has attempted the circumnavigation of the world by going south around South America into the Pacific Ocean. This year he has found Guam, and the Philippines. He befriends and converts a number of the natives to Christianity, and in the midst of a minor war between tribes, Magellan is stabbed to death. His officers will continue the journey to Spain, coming full circle.
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Out of the 237 men who began this journey in 1519 only 18 men will return to port in 1522. Juan Sebastián Elcano will bring the Victoria home with a load of spices. This is not an ideal route to the Philippines but now they know it can be done. They keep missing Australia though.[7]

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