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History: The Year is 1575

I've uploaded year 1575 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Everyone is Singing from the Same Sheet of Music -- Queen Elizabeth the 1st issues the first patent. Surprise! It's a patent to control music copying.

And the Waters Parted... The Valdivia Earthquake -- The Valdivia River splits like the Red Sea, according to one witness.

The 1st Modern Battle Tactics Used in Japan -- These elements in battle have been around for some time in Japan but they all come together here.

Everyone is Singing from the Same Sheet of Music

Queen Elizabeth the 1st grants the 1st patent in England. Surprise! It's a patent to control music copying. Thomas Tallis and his student, William Byrd are granted exclusive rights to print their sheet music and music paper which has lines to compose music. However their first music book will not be well received (meaning that it will not sell well) because they publish a very large body of work in one book and people don't want to spend their money on so large a publication, regardless of how good it might be. The composers will return to the Queen and beg for help. She will grant them a leasehold on various properties for 21 years which is the length of the patent. It is essentially an artist's royal subsidy which is considered normal for the time. Getting a monopoly from the government to sell a single type of product is not normal for the time. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
When I reviewed Thomas Tallis's music, I was stunned at how good it sounds. It is polyphonic like the modern music you'd hear in the background of a movie. I see why an aristocrat would want to subsidize composers like this but granting them exclusive rights to print music would be like having Reba McIntire as the only person who could legally publish CDs (including blank CDs). This would force every artist to go through her before they could sell a single song on CD... including hip-hop singers... while she is trying to sell her own music. (Guess how that would work out.) But Tallis and Byrd's marketing problem was the equivalent of creating an album with 100 songs and pricing the album at $100. Even if the songs were first-rate, and it was only $1 a song, the "entrance fee" would be a little too steep for most people. [5] [6]

And the Waters Parted... The Valdivia Earthquake

The waters part. 50 to 100 homes collapse. The earth opens up as an 8.5 magnitude earthquake hits Chile near the mouth of the Valdivia River. The Valdivia river seemingly runs uphill as it splits like the Red Sea. For the next 40 days, aftershocks will cause landslides and tsunamis that will continue killing Indians but no Spaniards. The death toll will be over 1,000. In 1960, a 9.5 (surface wave) magnitude earthquake will strike Valdivia. In terms of death and damage, the worst earthquake ever recorded occurred in China in 1556 when 830,000 died. [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
A surface wave earthquake tends to cause the most movement in the needle on the seismometer (size-MOM-mih-tur), but not necessarily the most energy released. This makes it difficult to make a comparison between earthquakes when they use a different scale. And quakes that occurred before there was a Richter scale are estimates based on the damage they caused. Some people suggest that the longer time between earthquakes, the more severe the next earthquake will be, so they want to set off an earthquake early, but the scientific evidence does not support this idea. Valdivia had many smaller earthquakes between 1575 and 1960. They didn't lessen the 1960 earthquake. [13]

The 1st Modern Battle Tactics Used in Japan

All the elements of modern battle tactics come into play for the first time in Japan: the cavalry charge, firearms fired in volley, and from behind cover. Although firearms are not decisive, they are used in effective volleys rather than fired once to break up a charge and then cast away as the melee begins. Barricades are set up to protect the gunmen and to force the cavalry to slow down. Nagashino castle is held by the Oda clan, and it has been interfering with the Takeda clan's supply line so it must taken out. This is the rainy season so the Takeda clan believes a cavalry charge will succeed because the castle gunpowder is probably too wet. Unfortunately for the Takeda clan, the gunpowder is fine. The ground in front of the barricades is soft from the rain and with volley fire from the Oda, it soon becomes a war of attrition until a group of Oda samurai outflank the Takeda and hit them from behind. This battle becomes the turning point of the war. The Takeda clan will hang on for a few more years but its days are numbered. [14] [15] [16] [17]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
The Battle of Nagashino is a little more elaborate that I can describe here. It was a great effort on both sides and has become the subject of the video game "Shogun 2" (2011). This battle has also inspired annual battle reenactments in Japan similar to American Civil War reenactments. It attracts all sorts of enthusiasts. It was also made into a lengthy TV series... all in Japanese. [18]

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