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History: The Year is 1584

I've uploaded year 1584 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

William the Silent is Silenced -- The leader of the Dutch Revolt is assassinated by a lawyer, making him the first official to be assassinated by a handgun. I talk a little bit about the wisdom of listening more than speaking.

Was It Really Worth 'Flipping Off' the Czar of Russia? -- Ivan the Terrible dies, leaving the governing of Russia to his idiot son, and his son's idiot regent. This regent will make so many people angry that in the 1960's someone will go to the trouble to mock him on a famous cartoon show for kids.

The Lost Colony of Virginia, the Mystery Begins -- Sir Walter Raleigh manages to fund a colony on Roanoke Island in the New World. It is seriously underfund, though, and when a rescue expedition shows up years later, it's a ghost town.

William the Silent is Silenced

William the Silent has the dubious distinction of being the 1st government official in history to be assassinated by handgun. William has been leading the Dutch Revolt against the Spaniards and doing reasonably well despite setbacks, so the King of Spain has had a contract out on him. A lawyer steps forward to do the deed. He asks for no reward other than to have his family taken care of should he succeed and die. This is an easy promise for the King to make since he has no confidence that the lawyer will succeed. The lawyer approaches William dressed as a beggar, pulls a wheel-lock handgun from under his cloak and fires. William the Silent is no more. His last words are...
My God, have pity on my soul; my God, have pity on this poor people.
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My Take by Alex Shrugged
A statue of William the Silent can be found on the campus of Rutgers University at the College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The university was founded before the American Revolution by the Dutch Reformed Church. In case anyone was worried, the assassin was captured and beheaded but after having his hand burned off, his flesh pulled from his body with tongs, disemboweled while alive and pulled apart by horses, the beheading seems like an afterthought. William the Silent got the nickname because while he was on a hunt with King Henry the 2nd of France, he listened quietly as the King went on and on about the plans to quell the uprising in the Netherlands. In saying nothing, William learned strategic information that helped the Dutch Revolt. Sometimes it is more important to listen than to speak.

Was It Really Worth 'Flipping Off' the Czar of Russia?

Ivan the Terrible has a massive stroke while playing chess. This ends his reign of terror, opening the way for his son, age 26, to take control... or non-control. Feodor the 1st is a simple man who likes traveling the land ringing church bells. Calling him an idiot would be an insult to real idiots. Naturally, he has a regent to run things. His name is only important to people who watched cartoons as children in the 1960s. The regent will prove to be a feckless leader. The Romanov Dynasty will gain control in 1613. It will be a welcome relief because between now and then, about 2 million people are going to die from starvation due to a multi-year famine. These troubling times will haunt the Russian mind for centuries to come. [4] [5]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Well... 2 million people dead and I'm going to talk about a silly cartoon. I apologize in advance. The name of the regent of the Czar of Russia at that time was Boris Godunov (GAW-doo-nahv). He became the Czar after Feodor's death. The Little Ice Age was the cause of freezing temperatures in Russia that killed the crops during the summer months but Czar Boris got most of the blame for the Time of Troubles as they were called. Regarding cartoons, those who enjoyed the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show will remember the two comic spies: Boris and Natasha. The name "Boris Badenov" is a mocking play on the name of Czar Boris. He has been dead over 400 years, but someone still thought it was worth the trouble to flip him the bird. Amazing! [6] [7]

The Lost Colony of Virginia, the Mystery Begins

Sir Walter Raleigh and friends have managed to pool their funds (and distribute their liability) for the first English colony in the Americas. Raleigh has received a charter from Queen Elizabeth the 1st to colonize the New World which he must exercise quickly or lose the franchise. The purpose of the charter is to establish a colony as a base to bring forth the riches of the New World and to act as a base of operations for English privateers while they prey on Spanish shipping. The colony is established on Roanoke Island, but it is underfunded and in 1587 they will send someone back to England to beg for help. After several delays due to war, the rescue expedition will arrive in 1590. All that will be left will be a single skeleton, the letters 'C R O' carved into a tree and the word "Croatoan" carved into a post. [8] [9] [10] [11]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
To this day we can only guess what happened to the Roanoke Colony. The word "Croatoan" could have meant that they decided to move to Croatoan Island. Death from disease, Indian attack or Spanish attack seems unlikely. They had agreed to a signal for danger, the Maltese Cross. If they could carve letters into a tree, they could carve a Maltese Cross. (FYI, the Maltese Cross would have been remembered as the symbol of the Knights Hospitaller who had been attacked on the Island of Malta by the Ottoman Turks.) Since many of the structures at the colony were dismantled and the cannons missing, they had obviously moved. To where, no one knows. [12] [13]

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