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History: The Year is 1673

I've uploaded year 1673 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

I'm a German Princess and I Need Your Help! -- Mary Carleton is a liar, a thief and a fraud. I talk about fraud in the modern day.

Surprise! New York becomes New Orange! -- The Dutch return and take back New York. They call it New Orange. I talk about King Charles and why he was at war with the Dutch. It has to do with religion so I talk about the religious test in England.

I'm a German Princess and I Need Your Help!

Mary Carleton is going to hang today and if anyone could use some tender mercy it probably is NOT her. Mary Carleton is a liar, a thief and a fraud. A few years ago, after an earlier bigamy charge was dropped, she moved to Germany where she trifled with the affections of a German lord. She skipped town with the gifts he had showered on her and most of the rent money she owed her landlady. Returning to England, she impersonated a German princess and married "Lord Carleton." An anonymous letter accused Mary of fraud. The scandal grew to epic proportions when "Lord Carleton" took her to court. Mary is a confident liar so the jury believed her. She was helped by the fact that "Lord Carleton" was not a Lord at all! He was a fraud too. He had no substantial assets so Mary took a job as an actress in a satirical play entitled "The German Princess" which had been written to mock her... not to employ her. She was later convicted of theft and sentenced to "penal transportation." England sends criminals, and undesirables to penal colonies in America, never to return under threat of death. (The penal colony of Botany Bay, Australia will not be established for another 100 years.) Now Mary has returned to England under an assumed name. Say bye-bye to the "German Princess." They have caught her, and she is going to swing. [1] [2] [3] [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Why are people so willing to believe that some high-ranking official, royal family member or FBI agent needs their help? One of my relatives asked if it was possible that she could have won the British Lottery. I asked her, "Did you buy a ticket?" An email scammer can send out 500 emails a day and 5 usually result in "success". It is called the "Advance-fee" scam where a con-artist asks for access to your account or money to complete a transaction. The Academy Award winning movie "The Sting" (1973) begins with a man who is talked into delivering money to the mob for a reward just for helping out. The sucker mixes his money in with the rest of the loot, but in the end he gets neither the loot, nor his payoff, nor even his own money back. All he gets is a handful of blank paper. Don't fall for it. [5] [6]

Surprise! New York becomes New Orange!

Twenty-three ships of the Dutch fleet have come over the horizon to take back New York. They are good at this. A few years ago they sailed up the Thames to beat the tar out of the English fleet. Shortly thereafter, London was hit by the Plague, and that is why the Dutch were blamed for that outbreak. Now the Dutch have come to New York to take back some of their own. The old fort has fallen into disrepair and the cannons are not worth the gunpowder needed to blow them up. The Dutch change the name of New York to New Orange but the new name won't last long. By next year a peace treaty will be signed and New Orange will be returned to the English. Caribbean islands that had been taken by the English during the war, will be returned to the Dutch. The Dutch were never too excited about their North American colony. Returning it to the English will seem more like passing on a debt than awarding a prize. It will be a very long time before New York prospers. [7] [8] [9]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
It is difficult to explain fully why England was at war against the Dutch and siding with France at that time. Frankly, it seemed to most people that King Charles the 2nd was considering converting to Catholicism. (France was Catholic.) On the other hand, King Charles passed the Test Act, that required all people in public office to take communion in the Anglican Church or resign their position. This religious test forced the Duke of York (the heir apparent to the throne) to resign his position in the Admiralty. (The Duke had converted to Catholicism.) The Test Act was modified a few years later to grant an exception for James the 2nd, the Duke of York and future King. The worst parts of the Act were finally repealed in 1828 and 1829 even though the actual religious test had long fallen into disuse. There are lots of embarrassing laws on the books hiding in the shadows, waiting to embarrass some political rival or another. [10] [11]

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