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History: The Year is 1683

I've uploaded year 1683 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Pigs Finally Fly! Taxation with Representation Guaranteed -- New York gets a provincial assembly and passes a law on swine control. I talk about present day feral pig control and the out of control government.

German-Dutch Colonists and the Easter Bunny Come to Pennsylvania -- The first major presence of German "Pennsylvania Dutch" arrive and map out Germantown.

A Hard Frost -- The ground is frozen 3 feet deep in southern England.

Pigs Finally Fly! Taxation with Representation Guaranteed

Notices have been sent out and representatives for the first Assembly of the Province of New York are selected. New York is the last of the English colonies to create an Assembly. Nevertheless, it is the first colony to establish a constitution which includes the right of the colonists to have representation prior to taxation. All foreigners are naturalized and the New York Province is split into 12 counties (10 of which will remain as New York counties into the modern day). Towns are considered subdivisions of the county rather than separate entities. Aside from setting up the basic structure of government, the Assembly passes a law offering a bounty for wolf hides and cracks down on swine farmers and the problem of feral pigs destroying the crops and becoming a general nuisance. [1] [2] [3]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
In over 200 years of laws regulating swine farmers and feral pigs, the government is still trying to solve the problem. This first law was reasonable. A farmer was required to keep his pigs on his own property with adequate fencing. If the pigs escaped, it was his responsibility to either collect them or kill them. If his pig wandered onto his neighbor's property... BANG! The neighbor was allowed to shoot it. If the pigs were still loose after March of the following year, it became a public hunt with the successful hunter receiving one third of the value of the pig, the local constable receiving two thirds and the owner of the pig receiving ZERO! In the modern day, the government has become an increasing problem... along with the pigs. Large commercial farmers have pressured the government to shut down smaller farms based on this concern over pigs. The penalties are so devastating that many farmers have killed their pigs rather than take the risk. If a farmer has a bad history then throw the book at him, but the government should not treat first-time offenders like hardened criminals. [4] [5] [6] [7]

German-Dutch Colonists and the Easter Bunny Come to Pennsylvania

Years of war have pushed many Germans out of the Holy Roman Empire, along the Rhine and into the Netherlands. Now, with William Penn's encouragement, these Quakers and Mennonites have come to the New World. Germantown won't actually be incorporated until 1691, but they lay out a general plan for the town. By 1883 German-American Day will commemorate the 1683 establishment of the first significant German presence in the 13 colonies. That annual celebration will continue until World War 1 when most Germans will prefer to keep a low profile in the United States. President Reagan will restore the holiday in 1983 after a suitable period of reconciliation. [8] [9] [10] [11]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
These early Germans are often called "Pennsylvania Dutch" even though their connection with the Dutch was relatively brief. It is like calling the Plymouth Bay Pilgrims "Massachusetts Dutch". While technically correct, it is misleading. Nevertheless, many of their German descendants take on the "Pennsylvania Dutch" label today. They are mostly Menonites and I assume there are many Pennsylvanians who take pride in the connection even though their German is a little rusty. Germantown is significant beyond the value it has brought to the Germans. They brought their customs along and many of those have been incorporated into modern day American life, such as the Easter Bunny, and the legend of William Tell which is Swiss but the story comes to America through the Pennsylvania Dutch. And yes. George Washington slept in Germantown. [12] [13]

A Hard Frost

An unusually harsh winter marks this year and into the next as one for the history books. The ground has frozen solid, three feet deep in Southwest England. With so many emerging scientists in England and France at this time, many are commenting on the weather and theorizing on the reasons for the exceptional cold. This is the Little Ice Age and while it has been an ongoing issue for well over a century, this stretch of time is going to be especially bad. [14]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
Keep in mind that they still don't know what cold is. Many still think it is a natural force separate from heat. Frankly, they don't even have a good theory on heat either. That won't come about until 1871. It's not that they aren't thinking about it, but actually proving how it works is a different matter. [15]

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