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History: The Year is 1924

I've uploaded year 1924 to the TSP Wiki...

Here are some one liners...

Stalin Rules. Trotsky Drools -- Stalin sidelines Trotsky after Lenin dies. I talk about the reporting of Stalin and later reporting on Putin.

Sterilization: It's the Law Today... not 1924... TODAY -- I talk about the case of Carrie Buck and how court cases are not accidents.

Notable Births -- George H. W. Bush, Gloria Vanderbilt, Rod Serling, Earl Scruggs and Lauren Bacall.

In Other News -- Chariots of Fire! No more secret police! and Benito Mussolini wins.

Stalin Rules. Trotsky Drools

Lenin has died from a massive cerebral hemorrhage, leaving a leadership vacuum in the Soviet Union. The heir presumptive has been Leon Trotsky, but as Lenin's health deteriorated Joseph Stalin was made General Secretary of the Politburo. He leaned hard on Georgians to accept Soviet domination... uh... I mean guidance. Trotsky and Lenin wanted the Soviet Union member states to be treated equally, but to Stalin, some states are more equal than others. He forced a merger between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Lenin has died a little too soon to transfer power to Trotsky, so Trotsky goes for reconciliation. Hey! Can't we all just get along? Apparently not. Most members of the Communist Party are unaware of the conflict within the Politburo, so when Trotsky receives a rousing ovation, Stalin and his cronies are upset. Thus begins a concerted effort to sideline Trotsky. Soon he will be a figurehead. Later, he will be removed from the Politburo and then kicked out of the Party. Years later he will live in exile without influence or power, and eventually he is going to get an ice pick to the head. Stalin never forgets. [1] [2]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
A couple of years ago, I picked up my son's high school textbook and looked up Stalin. There was one sentence about him. One! It said that he was once the leader of the Soviet Union. Nothing about murdering millions. Nothing about threatening the United States with nuclear war. Nothing about virtually wiping out Ukraine by starvation! And nothing about the New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Walter Duranty, lying his backside off while Ukrainians dropped like flies. In those days news reports tended to favor leftist causes. (They still do.) When the truth about Stalin finally came out, most people ignored it and moved on. Today, I am told that Russia is the source of all evil and we can never work with them. While I'm not ready to kiss Putin, he seems to be reacting to what the USA is doing rather than implementing some nefarious plan to destroy America. I have the feeling that the news media is attempting to mislead the public... again. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] FYI: I actually know someone who has recently lived in Ukraine. She likes Putin. I'm not as enthusiastic as she is, but heck. She knows the area a lot better than I do.

Sterilization: It's the Law Today... not 1924... TODAY

Carrie Buck is a 17-year-old adopted white girl who is treated more like a servant than family, so it was not surprising when she was told to drop out of school to work as a maid. One day a visiting relative forces himself on Carrie and she becomes pregnant. The family is willing to take the baby, but Carrie has to go. They tell Virginia authorities that Carrie is feebleminded, and they can no longer care for her. Her biological mother is already held in an institution for the feebleminded, so Carrie is admitted. No one is interested in verifying the facts. Virginia has recently passed a law allowing forced sterilization of the feebleminded. Carrie fits the profile. They want to take the case to the Supreme Court to lock it in, but don't worry. Carrie will have legal representation. It says so in the law. Well... her lawyer is working hand-in-glove with Virginia. (This is considered unethical, but no one cares.) Her lawyer will be strangely incurious about her school grades. (They were reasonable.) The fact that she is pregnant is proof enough of her promiscuous behavior. (She was raped, but no one asks.) When doctors claim that Carrie's 6-month-old baby is also feebleminded, no one asks how a baby could be tested to determine that. Carrie is being railroaded, and she doesn't know it. In a few years, the Supreme Court will rule 8-to-1 in favor of sterilization. In all that time, no one will bother to explain to Carrie that she is going to be sterilized. They are going to do it, one way or the other. [10] [11]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
IT'S THE LAW! Your Supreme Court has determined that forced sterilization is a state function within the bounds of the Constitution. Just like vaccination! And here's the kicker... that ruling has never been overturned! Are you frightened? You should be. When President Obama appointed a science advisor that once advocated mass sterilization it was a decision with serious potential consequences. These sort of things don't happen by accident. The Scopes Monkey Trial was not an accident. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus was not an accident. These were contrived events meant to force the issue into the courts. The fact that we like the outcome of the Scopes Monkey Trial and Rosa Parks, makes the process no less contrived. And if such methods can be used in our favor, they can also be used against us as with Carrie Buck. [12] [13]

Notable Births

George H. W. Bush. (Living): President Bush the Elder. [14]
Gloria Vanderbilt. (Living): Heiress and mother of CNN News anchor, Anderson Cooper. [15]
Rod Serling. Host of the Twilight Zone. [16]
Earl Scruggs. Developed the 3-finger picking style of the Bluegrass banjo. [17]
Lauren Bacall Actress and wife of Humphrey Bogart who was old enough to be her father. Bogie, YOU DOG!. [18]
**Note: (Living) means they were alive when I checked on 2017-Jan-4.

In Other News

  • Chariots of Fire! Scottish Christian Eric Liddell refuses to compete at an Olympic event scheduled for Sunday. (The movie is terrific.) [19] [20] [21]
  • No more secret police! After criminal wrongdoing within the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover is put in charge... temporarily. (That will fix it!) [22]
  • Benito Mussolini wins a landslide election in Italy for the fascists. Adolf Hitler is watching closely. [23]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1924, Wikipedia.

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